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how to restore deleted showcase?


New Member
I have a user who deleted their showcase. As an Admin I can see it that it's been removed from Public view.
  • Item Status: Removed from public view.
Can I restore it so they can have it back? Is this possible and how do I do this? I can't seem to find this setting/feature. Thank you!
Couple different ways of doing it.

First, you need to have PERMISSION to do so, so make sure that is set.

On an ITEM page itself, there is a sidebar block called "Showcase Tools". In this block will be various links depending on permissions and the state of the item. As you can see in this screen shot, the ITEM has been SOFT deleted, so an UNDELETE link will be displayed in the Showcase Tools block (if you have permission to undelete).


Simply click on the link to launch the overlay and then click on Undelete Item.

The other way is to use the INLINE MODERATION on the Item Listings. Select the Item (or items) and then choose Undelete Items...