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Resolved How to add a in-article banner/ads?


Dear Bob,

I'm going to renew my license when the XF 2.2 is released in the final version. So, sorry if this question is not appropriate at this time.

But i'm getting some suggestions from my advertisers to use a little banner as advertising inside the article (like in the middle), not above or below.

I see many Wordpress sites using features like this, but i don't know where to add the html ad code in the template xa_ams_article_view.

There is any way of doing this?

Thank you very much.
There is nothing in Core XF or AMS to do that. It would require customization. The closest you could get without any customization would be above or below the article (there are built in XF ad position for that).
Thanks for the quick reply Bob.

I imagined that, since there is no ad position for this. Maybe i can open a suggestion on XF Forum, but i doubt that will be implemented.