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How do you see each player's picks?


I need to use the tie breaker margin to pick an over all winner - how do we see everyone's tips and tie-breakers?
I am going to assume that you are asking about Pickem 2.1.0 (which is the current supported version of Pickem). If you are using an older version than the current supported version, then you must include that information when asking for support (specially if you are still on XF 1 and using Pickem 1.x).

This applies to Pickem 2.x.

When viewing a specific week, the Correct picks is a LINK that will launch an overlay to view that players "Picks and tie breaker entries".

In this screen shot, I am viewing week 1 of the 2018 NFL Preseason (which is a demo season that you can view here: Standard Pickem Test Pool - Week 1 Results)


The overlay will display all of the matches for that particular week, the pick that the player made for each match and whether they got it correct or incorrect.


The Tie Breaker(s) are listed below all of the matches...