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Highlights review made by specific membergroups?


New Member

I don't know if this is possible or if it's should be considered as a suggestion.

I would like to be able to higlight (in a way or in other) reviews made by members of a specific membergroups on showcase items.

This is why I need this : I'm running a photography forum with a critique section. This section work with Showcase and members can critique a picture using the (wonderful) review feature. Some of my members are "Curators". This mean that their critique should be very interesting to read. I would like to highlight the pictures that have been reviewed by the "Curators".

Is this possible? And if yes, how could I achieve that?
Can you maybe provide a mock up so I can SEE what you are after. If I understand you correctly, it MIGHT be possible to do via CSS (and maybe some template edits). However, I need a mock up (or mock ups) to clarify a few things.
Bob, it's a good idea to ask me a mock up... :D...as I'm reading my initial question I'm afraid I've not been very clear...:confused:

This is a little example of what I'm talking about :

In this example pictures are highlighted with a red frame, but it could be anything else which would differenciate those pictures (a small star on the upper right corner, a yellow shadow, ...)
This red frame mean : a Curator have reviewed this picture.
ok, so let me try and get this straight.

When any member of the Curator group has reviewed any showcase item (through the Rate & Review system), you want the ability to display something on various Showcase Item Listings that designate that a Member of the Curators group has left a review on specific items.... is that correct?
Yes...this is exactly that ! :D

Unfortunately, that would require custom development (which is not something I am doing right now while working on AMS). It IS doable tho and would actually recommend it be done via an addon vs modifying the core code. It should be a fairly easy addon for someone that KNOWS what they are doing.