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Implemented Full Category Permissions


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as per title... All usergroup permissions for Sportsbook can now be set by each individual sportsbook category. You can also set these per user per category as well (just like you can with Node Permissions and Resource Manager Category Permissions).

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This has been fully implemented and will be part of the next release.
A license holder inboxed me asking if these new category permissions only applied to User Groups or can they also applied to Individual Users. The answer is both.

In this example, I am going to set Permissions for the user 'anditsgood' specifically for the National Football League category.

NOTE: You can also see in this screen shot that you can set Categories to be Private which requires to to explicitly set view permission for individuals or user groups (does not take inheritance into consideration)


In this screen shot, you can see that I am setting permissions directly to 'anditsgood' (you can also see the new wager limitations that you can set per user group/category.