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Updated Featured Macros moved into its own template as well as both macros redesigned


Staff member
As per title, I've moved the 2 "Featured" macros featured_grid and featured_carousel out of the xa_sc_index_macros template into their own template xa_sc_featured_macros.

Note: If you have done ANY customization(s) to these Macros, you will need to SAVE those before upgrading and reapply them in the new template (otherwise they will be LOST).

I've completely redesigned the featured_grid macro to get rid of all the duplicate code. It is much more streamline now and consists of several sub macros that are called instead of REPEATING blocks of the same code over and over and over. THIS IS BEING DONE IN ALL OF MY ADDONS for the Featured Grid Layout type.

Note: The featured_carousel macro is also slightly redesigned and ALSO uses some of the sub macros.

Getting a few templates more compliant with DRY (do not repeat yourself).
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