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Updated Featured Macros and Articles Widget Macros moved into their own templates


Staff member
As per title, all of the Featured Macros have been moved into their own template 'xa_ams_featured_macros' (previously located in the 'xa_ams_index_macros' template)

Also, all of the macros used by Widgets have been moved into their own template 'xa_ams_widget_articles_macros' (previously located in the 'xa_ams_index_macros' template)

Also, the Featured Grid Macro, Featured Carousel Macro, Articles Grid Macro and Articles Carousel have been extensively modified to reduce redundancy (following DRY standards).

If you have done any modification to "Grid Block" and or "Carousel" layout types, I would suggest copying those changes to a text file prior to upgrading as you will need to reapply those to the new templates/macros.

Important Note: Post Upgrade, you will need to edit and resave any Widgets that are using the Featured Grid, Articles Grid, Featured Carousel, Articles Carousel (both full and simple).

Note: This is the same update that I've already done for IMS, RMS, Showcase and UBS.
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