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Partially Implemented Featured Items


Staff member
Marked this as Partially Implemented as there is still more functionality to come for this feature (waiting input from users in this thread: http://addons.nfljunkies.com/threads/featured-items-discussion-input.178/)

Whats been done so far?

New Permission: A new Moderator Permission 'Mark Item Featured' has been added. Anyone with that permission set to 'allow' will be able to mark an Item "Featured".

New Functionality: Mark as Featured/Unfeature Item.
This is done via AJAX on the Item Page itself. Its a simple link saying 'Mark as Featured', ya click it and walla.. its now featured (and the link changes to say 'Unfeature Item'). The link is only visible to those with the 'Mark Item Featured' permission set to 'allow'.

ok, thats great, but what does "Marking" an item as "featured" do?

New Showcase Homepage Module: A new "Featured" module is available for the showcase home page. This module will display (in random order) x amount (admin configurable) of showcase items marked as "featured". As with the other Showcase Homepage Modules, Items MUST have at least 1 image uploaded to its image gallery (not a hotlinked embeded image in the content of a tab).

New Widget Framework Renderer: A new "Featured Items" renderer has been added to the Widget Framework. This works just like the other single renderers, cept the results are in Random Order.

Modified Widget Framework Renderer: The newly added "Tabbed Items" renderer (released with RC1) has been modified to add an option to display a "featured" items tab.

When will these be released?

This functionality is included in RC 1 which will be released later today (Nov 15th)

Couple quick screen shots so you can see where the links are and what the Widgets look like.



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