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Featured Items Slider on Showcase Home & Category pages


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As per title, You can now easily add a Featured Items slider to Showcase Home and or All Category Pages.

There are separate options for the amount of featured items to display on Showcase Index and Showcase Category pages. Each Category has a option (preset to Enabled) that goes along with the global limit to display Featured Items (so the featured Items slider can be disabled per category).

There are also options to Enable the Module Title Bar, Display Item Title, Item Description and Item Rating/Views. There are separate options for Showcase Index and Showcase Category (applies to all categories).

The slider is standardized throughout showcase... its the same one used for Forum Home, XenPorta, BD Widget, Showcase Modular Layout etc.

Here is a quick look... This is available on List View, Grid View and Article View (Modular already includes it)

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no, featured is sorted by random, then last_update. The reason for this is so there is no "bumping" to give more views to the newest/latest featured item.
'featured' => 'rand() %s, item.last_update DESC',

You could change this in the item model, however, it will effect anything that fetches based on "featured"

I may enhance the options in a later version that lets you choose other sort types (like I do with the slider for the home page), however, setting to recent (sort type) would display all items, not just featured. The model doesn't have functionality built in to fetch featured items by various sort types.
Thanks Bob, that option would be useful on my site sorted by featured then creation date.

Also, I think have found a small bug in 2.30 with the CTA integration. The item sidebar doesnt show images for the items on the homepage after integrating it via the options. The original one on the forum view however works fine?
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