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Facebook button in Showcase not working...


New Member
When we click on it... it pops up a box in a blink as if it is going to do something but goes right away... a nanosecond maybe.

Twitter button works fine.
When we click on it... it pops up a box in a blink as if it is going to do something but goes right away... a nanosecond maybe.

Twitter button works fine.
I need a bit more information.

What Version of XenForo are you running?

What Version of Showcase are you running?

Is this happening to only you or have others reported it? If just you, what Browser are you using (along with its version and the OS its on). If others, can you gather up the same information (to see if it might be a specific browser issue).

Do you have any other addons that have facebook social sharing?

Thank you...
XenForo 1.5.14
Showcase 2.7.3

It has happened to several of us from various browsers.

No other add-ons that I can think of... although we do have Facebook integration and it works ... as does the FB button in our footer.
Showcase 2.7.3
That is one of the problems. The current version of Showcase is 2.9.1. Both SC 2.8.x series and SC 2.9.x series have had changes made to the social sharing buttons because the 3rd party JS that drives them has had several changes. Plus Facebook itself has made several changes since then.

Is there a reason why you've not kept up with the Showcase updates?
Not really... just haven't updated it. I will though... I assume it won't break anything currently in the Showcase.
It shouldn't however, you should always make a backup before upgrading anything for those times when something does go wrong. If something is messed up after performing the upgrade, just send me an inbox and I can help with it.

There are DB changes, so be sure that if you are using any sort of server/file caching, that you flush that cache before running the upgrade or the old install file might be used instead of the newly uploaded install file. None of the new SQL will run if that happens and it will all have to be done manually (which I can handle for you if it does happen).
I am not sure how to go about flushing the db cache.
File Cache, not DB cache. If you are on Shared or Managed hosting, you shouldn't have to worry about it. This would only come into play if you had your own server or vps and if you configured that server or vps to use one of the popular file cache systems. Your Server Administrator should be handling that for you (someone like MattW for instance). Depending on the file cache type, the steps to perform it are different (your sys admin will know how to do this or you need a new sys admin lol)