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Resolved Error Share Whatsapp

Just for that specific article on your site or all articles on your site?

What about other content on your site like Threads for example?

Also, it would be helpful to include a link to the article.
Just FYI... those are valid URLS and if you click on them, they will resolve to the article. The reason is, you are using Non unicode characters for your titles, so the Core XF Share Macro is converting those non unicode characters into unicode (so the browser understands what those characters are).

Why on earth are you using non unicode characters for your Article Titles? You are not doing that on THREADS, which is why it is behaving different. You should use CSS to change the FONT TYPE of the Article Title instead of adding non unicode characters AS the title.

If you edit one of those article and change the Title to use standard text like you do with thread titles, you will see that they work just like threads.

If you cut and paste this into a web browser, it takes you to your site to the article as this is a VALID URL (the .572 is the ONLY important part of that URL).

Hi Bob
Thanks for your help.

I did a check and found that a user used an online tool for unicode texts which generated the error. > YayText: A text styling tool for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Is there a way to ban users from using non-unicode codes?
There is, but it would need to be handled via PHP function in the Article Create and Article Edit Services. Probably best to just start a Conversation with that individual and ask them not to do that.