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[Enhanced] RSS Feeds


Staff member
The Global & Category RSS Feeds can now accept an order param to be passed in via the URL.

example: http://localhost/XF-Dev/index.php?showcase/index.rss&order=reviewed
(this will order the feed by most reviewed and only items that have been reviewed).

Order Params that will actually do something are (these apply to both Global and Category Feeds):

recent - sorted by newest created
updated - this is default, sorted by newest updated
rated - sorted by highest rating average
reviewed - sorted by review count
popular - sorted by view count
featured - only items that are marked as featured
atoz - sorted alphabetically (not sure how useful this one really is, but it is available)
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Everything marked as implemented and stickied in the suggestions forum means that it is coming in the next release. I do this so people can see whats being worked on and whats finished and will be available in the next release.

Once the release is public, I move them to the implemented suggestions forum and unstick them.