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Implemented Embed article pages


Staff member
frm said:
First off, let me start by saying that I love AMS embeds and am starting to use them everywhere.

However, I do have some articles with pages and while each page is on topic to the 'title', they offer unique characteristics.

Article 10: Three things to do in Okinawa, 1) Go to Shuri Castle, 2) Go to the Aquarium, 3) Go to the zoo.

Now, if a topic in a thread is going to the aquarium and the embedded article has a ton of information, I'd have to embed article 10, fully, when I just want to set emphasis on page 2.

Could you possibly add some sort of separator to embed an article to page 2 only like [AMS=article, 10-2][/AMS]?


On second thought, pages each have a unique ID so [ams=page, 13][/ams] might be easier even though page 13 is essentially page 2 in article A.
This has been implemented in AMS 2.1.13

Screen shots should be self explanatory.




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