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Implemented Display Image on widgets/blocks/modules that display items in "List View"

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I've added code that will allow attachment data to be exposed to all widgets, blocks, modules now.
Marking this as Partially Implemented as the primary request has been full filled and that was simply exposing the data. I'll be modifying various blocks, modules and widgets to take advantage of this by being able to enable/disable the attachments (saving a query for those that don't want to use the images).
All Widgets, Blocks and Modules that display items in "List View" now have the option to "Display Thumbnail". Attachment Data is only exposed when enabling this option (which saves 1 query for those that don't want to display images). I'll post screen caps once the Template(s) are final.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This excludes XenPorta at the moment as Jaxel has not updated XenPorta to work with xf 1.2 yet. I will update XenPorta Blocks as soon as possible once a new version of XenPorta is released.
Here is an example of the [bd] Widgets that display items in "List View" with Display Thumbnail enabled. The Forum Home sidebar block and the XenPorta Blocks look exactly the same.

Marking this as Implemented for Core Showcase Forum Home Tabbed Items block and [bd] Widget Framework Widgets. Will start a separate thread for XenPorta Blocks and 1.2