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Implemented Display City/State/Country on Layout Types and Carousels

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I've added 2 new fields to the xf_xa_sc_category table ( display_location_on_list and location_on_list_display_type ).

The field display_location_on_list is a tinyint(3) and the entity sets the field as a BOOL with the default of 0 (false).
The field location_on_list_display_type is a varchar(50) and the entity sets the field as a STRING with the default of '' (empty).

I've added 2 NEW inputs on the Category Add/Edit form (as shown in the screen shot below). You are now able to set whether some location related data (City, State, Country) is display on listing pages (SC Index, SC Category Pages, SC Widgets etc).


Note: Location Data will only display on Layout Types and Carousel types that support having additional data (List View, Grid View, Tile View, Item View, Carousel and Grid Block).

Here are some various screen shots showing Location Data being displayed on List View, Grid View, Tile View, Item View, Full Carousel, Simple Carousel and Display Type "Simple".

Before anyone asks... the address components are purposely just plain text for now as the PLAN is to eventually have Location Filtering functionality, which at that time, each component (City, State, Country) will be Filter Links (so linking them NOW to launch the overlay map would just confuse people when it changes to be filtering). That is why I added a FA Icon fa-map-marker-alt next to the location data, which when clicked on, will launch a google map in an overlay (as seen in the 2nd and 4th images below).

List View layout...


Grid View layout...


Item View layout...


Tile View layout...


Grid Block layout...


Carousel layout...


Clicking on the FA Icon will launch a google map in an overlay...