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Implemented Disable editor on certain tabs

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I think that is doable without effecting anything. That is a pretty good suggestion btw.

marking this is under development as to look into it, I might as well just knock it out lol
I've added a "Enable Editor" check box for each Tab in the Category Management Items Tabs Options. Default for the check boxes is Enabled (on existing categories), so simply un check the box to disable the editor. For NEW Categories, Tab 1 is pre selected as Enabled, Tabs 2-5 are set to unchecked.

I still have some things to work out like disabling the displaying of content that has been entered while the editor was visible, but that will be taken care of before release.

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ok, I think I got this sorted to prevent any accidental "data loss" as well as making sure that Tabs don't display content that they shouldn't ie, if you have a tab that currently has WYSIWYG Data in it and you disable the editor, that content will not be deleted (it will stay stored with the item) and it will also not display on the ITEM view. If at any point you Enable the Editor for that tab, any stored editor content for that tab will be accessible and will display in the item view.

Marking as Partially Implemented until fully signed off (after more testing).