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Disable carousel for gallery?


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Is it possible to remove or disable the carousel thumbnail option for the BX slider gallery for a given showcase item?

Most of the time we only have 1-2 images, so for a tidier look we'd like to remove the carousel option if possible. :)
Are you asking about the SIDEBAR Mini Gallery? If so, I've already added an option to disable the thumbs for those that just want to display the cover image.
ah... saying BX slider through me off.... that isn't BX Slider. That is different 3rd party gallery. you see those 2 squares above the slider? Click on the right one. I'd have to mess around with the CSS/HTML/JS a bit, but I think it can be set to default to the thumbs off (right square) and then they could turn the thumbs on.

Other than that, just hide it via Extra.css:
.es-carousel-wrapper {display:none;)
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Ahhh I see, sorry for the confusion. xD

Hiding it via CSS sounds like the easiest solution, just tried hiding these two classes and that has done the trick.
.es-carousel-wrapper, .rg-view { display: none !important; }

Thanks Bob.
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