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Implemented Custom fields for each category


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I personally feel that having custom fields that admin can set in the admin cp for each category would be a real handy update to Showcase. Admins could edit the templates and place the field to show anywhere they want within the Showcase system by adding like {showcasefield-1} {showcasefield-2} and so on.

Take your showcase here, you could add a custom fields for like BHP, Year, Make, and edit the nflj_showcase_category template so them values is people enter them show, this makes finding the listings users have more a liking in faster, also you can make them values show in the showcase item page, to keep a common look to users listing and keep main information clear for people to see.

It will also make it more clear and faster for users when posting the listings.
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Marking this as Future Consideration since it is already on the White Board "Wish List" (and has been since day one of conception). It won't be anytime soon tho.
....It won't be anytime soon tho.

Yet another feature bumped up early by a member paying for this...

couple sneak peeks (this is all you are getting for now, so please don't waste time asking me questions as I am very busy trying to get it ready for release).


This edit view was taken when I was developing..... the Sidebar Fields and Self Place Fields don't sit out in the open like this on the edit/create forms, they have their own tabs.
This has been fully implemented and will be available in the next version of showcase (either 1.1.2 or 1.2.0)