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Implemented Create multiple Games


Staff member
You can now create multiple games for a given week on one input form. As you can see, there are now 2 Create Buttons, one for single game creation and one for multiple games creation.

When you click on the Create Games button, it will launch an overlay where you will set the amount of games that you want to create. For this example, I want to create 5 games for week 1, so I set this to 5 and hit continue...


We are now at the Create Games page. The top of the page explains some details for Spread and Lock Date. Each Game has 6 inputs, one of which (spread) is optional.


Lets fill in some game data and see what happens...


And there you have it, five new games created in one shot.


NOTE: if a game does not have BOTH an AWAY TEAM and a HOME TEAM set, that game will not be processed!
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Just a quick note to @Bob regarding how awesome this has been using - such a time saver!
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Just a quick note to @Bob regarding how awesome this has been using - such a time saver!


Actually got around to adding some games ahead of the upcoming UK Football (Soccer) season and this is so much easier.

Thanks @Bob !