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Implemented Convert Thread to Item


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented a "Keep It Simple Stupid" feature that allows Staff with the Forum Moderator Permission "Showcase: Convert thread to item".

Important note: This is considered Beta/Unsupported and should be thoroughly tested before using in a production environment.


When the viewing user is a Moderator that has the above permission AND the discussion thread is of the Thread Type "discussion' or 'article', then there will be a link in the More options dropdown titled "Showcase: Convert thread to item" (as shown in the image).


Clicking on the link will launch an overlay that allows the Moderator to select the destination category, set tags (if the thread has any tags, they are pre-set, however, they can be removed and different tags can be added), with options to notify members watching the destination category as well as notifying the author of the action.

Once you click confirm, the convert service is triggered, which will result in a new showcase item being created based on content from the Thread and the First Post of the thread.

The create date will be set to the post date of the thread. The user will be set as the Thread Creator. Tags will be set (if any are added), view count will be set based on the thread view count. If the first post has any attachments, those will be converted to Showcase Item Attachments. If the first post contains at least 1 image attachment, a cover image will be set (uses the first image attachment in the collections of attachments).

The thread is then associated to the showcase item by setting the discussion_type to 'sc_item'.

Here is the result of the conversion from the above thread


As you can see, the first post attachments have been converted to the showcase item.


Note: The First Post of the thread will be modified to contain the same text as an associated thread has when auto created (as shown below).


If the moderator choose to notify the thread owner, this is the alert that they will receive.


IMPORTANT Note: This feature is not designed to be an importer, so expecting complex import type functions like posts being imported to article comments and first post reactions being converted to article reactions is not going to happen.
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