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Implemented Convert Thread to Article on AMS


Just a simple feature as the title says.

For some context, i use AMS like my initial page, using the modular option to customize my landing page. Very flexible and very useful. Is beautiful and i go away from the generics pages that people use with Wordpress.

AMS for me was a success, dropping Wordpress without looking back.

My AMS is mostly used for my editorial posting and some important news around the world.

I don't use AMS RSS feeder to not pollute my landing page.

So, i use the RSS Feeder from XF to post in some general node and a widget to show in my initial page.

BUT, for my case, some news from RSS Feeder really need to be featured in my initial page but i don't have a feature do convert then to a AMS Article.

And well, we can convert any thread to article if necessary. Would be useful i think.

There is from my suggestion came from.

I hope you guys like it.
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