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Implemented Convert Post to Review


Staff member
As per title, I've added a "Convert post to review" function for Showcase.

This is a Forum Moderator function which requires the Forum Moderator permission "Showcase: Convert post to review"


When viewing a thread that is of the Thread Type 'sc_item' (a thread that is associated with a Showcase Item) and the viewing user is a moderator and the viewing user has the above moderator permission, then they will see a link "Convert to review" (as shown below).

Note: Post Text, Post Attachments and Post Reactions are converted to the review.


Clicking on this link will launch an overlay (as shown below)


Simply set a rating and add a Review Title (as shown below) and click on Confirm button


And here is the result... a new review added to the Showcase Item.


And if you go back and look at the post, it has been modified to the same phrase that is used when creating a new review and auto posting in the associated thread.

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