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Showcase conditionals custom fields


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is it possibile to bind a custom field to another?

If in "customField_A" I choose XYZ the "customField_B" will have have 123 and 456 options other ways (if I set ABC in customField_A it will have 987 and 654.

not within the current architecture, no. It would take some seriously extensive architecture changes to do something like that. You'd be much better off in the long run handling complex stuff like that via customization. Custom Fields are designed to be low level simple/non complex "display data" type fields so that you don't have to pay a developer a bunch of money to simply add some non complex display functionality to an addon. They are NOT designed to replace having custom development done to perform complex operations (and by complex, I mean like expecting programmatic behavior between 2 fields).

with that said... you CAN use the values of multiple fields to pass into a phpCallBack block and use those values to perform complex operations and return the results for display. That is something you can do on your own now without any changes to the custom fields system.