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Implemented Comments in pools


would be great if members could leave comments like in sports book.

comments would be below each weeks fixtures so members could discuss that weeks fixtures and maybe in the home page for each pool.

The comments on sportsbook are very popular on my forum and I think they would be on pickem

Would be good if comments could be liked too
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I can't see any reason why this can't be included. It would be something that is enabled/disabled per pool. As far as likes, it would be the same system that I use for Sportsbook and Showcase.
This has been fully implemented.
  • Comments can be enabled/disabled per pool
  • Commenting is located on the Leaderboard
  • Each Week has its own comments
  • Comments can be sorted (Date: Newest to Oldest (default), Date: Oldest to Newest, Likes: Most to Least, Likes: Least to Most)
  • Comments use the core XF WYSIWYG Editor
  • Comments can be liked
  • Comments can be replied to
  • Users can be "tagged" in both comments and comment replies
  • Alerts are sent to everyone in the pool when a new comment is made
  • Alerts are sent to everyone in the comment when replies to that comment are made
  • Inline Moderation for comments (both hard/soft delete as well as undelete, approve and unapprove)
  • Comments and Likes are posted to the newsfeed/recent activities
  • Alerts can be disabled via Alert Preferences (each type of alert has its own disabler)
  • 6 new UserGgroup User Permissions (view comments, like comments, post comments, reply to comments, edit comment by self, delete comment by self)
  • 7 new User Group Moderator Permissions (view moderated, view deleted, edit comments by anyone, delete comments, undelete comments, hard-delete comments, approve/unapprove)
Think that pretty much covers it.
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