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Resolved Classified Left Block


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The left side block doesn't line up with the rest of the site. This also happens with Link Directory too. Is there a fix for this??

Looks like a style issue.

Can you please provide screenshots of an unedited default XF style so that any style customizations are taken out of play.
That confirms that there is some kind of issue with the custom style as that is exactly what it should look like.

I am using Core XF standard template helpers and classes, so not sure why there is an issue unless the custom style is changing expected default behaviors (which some Style developers do that and the build in compensation for 1st party addons like XFRM and XFMG, but don't gracefully handle 3rd party addons that are developed against default core xf behavior's like the XenForo SideNAV).

I am using a 3rd party style (FontAwesome Plus by Pixel Exit) at my XF2 Demos site. You can see that the SideNAV on all addons is working as expected as Russ doesn't change core xf default behavior (at least not without doing it in a way that doesn't effect addons that are using those base classes and helpers as designed).

XenAddons Demos (all addons in the navigation use the XF Sidenav).

What style is it? (and who is the designer?).