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Resolved Changing sidebar positioning?


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I read through some old threads, but the templates don't appear to be named the same thing anymore. How do I change sidebar positioning in the newest Showcase version?
XF1 and XF2 are A LOT different when it comes to the "Sidebar".

In XF1, the "Sidebar" is designed to display on the RIGHT, however, you can use CSS to display it on the left as there was nothing else on the left.

In XF2, the "Sidebar" is again designed to display on the RIGHT, however, you can't use CSS to display it on the LEFT, because the Left hand side is for the "SideNAV".

So in XF2, when an addon is using the SideNav (which displays on the left hand side), you'd actually have to edit the template for that specific page and change and blocks of code that are using the SideNAV to use the SideBAR.

Showcase follows the same standard as XFRM and XFMG in that it uses the new SideNAV for the Index and Category pages.

With that said, I have added sidebar Widget Positions in the next version of Showcase for SC Index and Category Pages, so if you prefer to have SC Index and SC Category pages with a sidebar, you will be able to do that mostly via editing any of the Showcase Widgets and changing the display location from SideNav to SideBar.
Thanks for the info.

I'm actually looking to adjust the blocks on the actual item page. I'm using my for a business directory, so I want to put the location as the top block, contact information second, etc.
Ah, those are actual sidebar blocks, so those are located in the xa_sc_item_view template (at the bottom of the template starting at line 441). sidebar key="infoSidebar" is the first block.


You can rearrange those blocks to your liking (just make sure to move the entire block, to include any conditionals that are wrapping the block).

The sidebar key's should be enough information for you to identify which block is which eg... the key on this block is "locationSidebar", which is the Sidebar block that displays the Google Map.

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I tried the index and changed sidenav to sidebar; but now i loose the normal resonsive menu.
Is there a way to bring the bar to the left and still have the responsive menu on top, please? Sorry, was for AMS, but should be the same?
I tried the index and changed sidenav to sidebar; but now i loose the normal resonsive menu.
Yes, that is because the sideNAV is specifically designed to turn into a slideout at Medium and Narrow responsive break points, where as the sideBAR (in both XF1 and XF2) is designed to move to below the content at Medium and Narrow responsive break points. That is Core XenForo behavior. Any changes to that behavior would require customization.
Yes, thought so.
In Zurbs Foundation, there is a nice way to push cells from left to right, espcially for cases like here.
Sidebar on right on XL and sidebar on the left to show it above at smaller sizes.

I am not shure how i will go on; maybe i will delete the cats from the index and let them in the cats.
Maybe i have to bring it down all time. Will see ...

My favorite would be sidebar left, but responsive on top; maybe i should study the foundation way.