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Changes some phrases


New Member
Hi could you please assist me as I would like to change some names as I will be using this to post job announcements

I would like to change "Showcase" to "Jobs

I would like to change "Search Items" to "Search Jobs"

I would like to change "Most Active Members" to Most Active Recruiters"

I hope this can be done - thank you

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 1.44.48 PM.png
nflj_showcase_menu_main_tab (This phrase is for the Showcase Tab on the Main Navigation).

There are 178 phrases that contain the single word showcase in them. You can use the Phrase Search functionality to list them all and it takes about 30 minutes to edit them (at least that's appx how long it took me).

nflj_showcase_tab_link_search_items (This is for the Search Items links)

There are 3 phrases that contain "Most Active Members"
nflj_showcase_most_active_members "Most Active Members"
nflj_showcase_showcase_most_active_members "Most Active Members"
nflj_showcase_tab_link_members "Most Active Members"
Thank you for the quick reply. That helped me out perfectly. I did the search function for showcase but it lists a ton of things that doesn't actually use the phrase ie. "nflj_showcase_category_description" and the phrase text is Category Description" is there a better way for me to search just to display items for me to change the phrase. I apologize I have never changed phrases before.

I found a couple more areas where i need to get "Showcase" to be jobs but not sure how to locate it specifically to change
If you search by "Text Contains" it will only check for the term in the TEXT. If you search by title, all showcase phrases have the word showcase in the phrase title, so it will return them all.