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Changed site domain, but all auto created threads go to old domain

Jason M.

New Member
Set up Sportsbook on XYZ.com several years ago...recently changed domain to ABC.com, but all threads for new events still created on XYZ.com and of course that no longer exists. What do I need to change to make new treads be created under new url? Thanks in advance!
Kier released an addon for this exact specific purpose: Post Content Find / Replace

And here is someone that is asking about what you want to do in Kiers thread: Post Content Find / Replace

Personally, you can probably just use Brogans approach with the direct query as you are just wanting to change the domain name.

ALWAYS backup your Database prior to doing this stuff in case you need to perform a rollback.
Whoops.... I read your question WRONG. I read it as you needed to change the OLD ULRs in posts to NEW ones (as someone just asked me about that.

As far as creating the NEW Threads. The LINKS are generated DYNAMICALLY using the core function xen:link (which uses the Basic Board URL).