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Change template hook of the featured box


Mathis Neumann

Hi there,
so I change the featured box template of the showcase to create a nice little accordion (inspired by the XenPorta RecentAccordion). Currently it looks like this:showcase.PNG

To kick it up a notch I would love to be able to change where the box is displayed. I want it to be located above the main content div, which is directly below the blue menu line. I would love to locate it there to let it span the complete page.
I noticed that there ist for example the "notices" hook for template files, I think that this hook could be used to place the box.
Is this possible and if so, how? :)

For example could the widget framework help? Never used it before.

You'd have to modify the addon to use a different page container to do that OR create your own BD Framework widget. The current index template is based on the core xenforo page container template. That area is NOT accessable via templates if you are using the core page container while rendering the main template from a controller or view.
So I installed bd widget framework and tried to use the featured items widget for my purposes. I tried editing the template "
nflj_showcase_widget_framework_featured_items", but none of my changes was shown in the frontend. I even tried to rebuild templates, but it did not change anything.
Is that the right template? Could the parsing of that template not work correctly?


EDIT: Worked after deleting the widget and adding a new one, unfortunately {xen:helper dump, {$featuredItems}} said that attachment information (except for a counter) is not included... So new widget php code is needed?
The widgets are cached, thats why when you made a change, it didn't automatically change that second. If you'd had waited for the cache to expire, your template change would have displayed.

This widget does not include the code for adding attachment data to the array. This is a light weight text only widget (as are the others).