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Implemented Change default Sort Order for Grid and List View Tabs.


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I want to set alphabetical tab active by default and in first in nflj_showcase_index_grid template

Here's my code :

<li{xen:if "{$sortOrder} == 'atoz'", ' class="active"'}>
      <a href="{xen:link showcase, '', 'order=atoz', 'direction=asc'}">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_tab_alphabetical}</a>
    <li{xen:if "{$sortOrder} == 'recent'", ' class="active"'}>
      <a href="{xen:link showcase, '', 'order=recent'}">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_tab_most_recent}</a>
    <li{xen:if "{$sortOrder} == 'rated'", ' class="active"'}>
      <a href="{xen:link showcase, '', 'order=rated'}">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_tab_top_rated}</a>
    <li{xen:if "{$sortOrder} == 'popular'", ' class="active"'}>
      <a href="{xen:link showcase, '', 'order=popular'}">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_tab_most_popular}</a>
    <li{xen:if "{$sortOrder} == 'updated'", ' class="active"'}>
      <a href="{xen:link showcase, '', 'order=updated'}">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_tab_latest_updates}</a>

I do something wrong because alphabetical tabs is not active but i don't find what. Need help :)
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
It is not something you can do via a template edit. It requires code modification.
Im pretty sure that someone requested this. Take a quick look through the suggestions and if you can find it, feel free to start a suggestion thread for it.

EDIT: Was suggested for Sportsbook and not for Showcase. I've moved this into the suggestions forum.
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btw, I've modified the TITLE of the thread to match the functionality request.
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This is now implemented for both Grid and List views

You can now set the default tab for the Showcase Home Page
You can now set the default tab for the Showcase Category Pages (global setting, not per category)
You can now set the default tab for the Showcase Member Pages (global setting, not per member)

example screenshot of the Home Page settings to show the new "Default Sort Order Tab" setting.


As you can see, the URL is default (without any param's) and its defaulting to Alphabetical instead of recent (as shown in the above setting).

As far as the ORDER of the tabs, if you want to change that, you will need to make a simple template edit to the LAYOUT(s) and PAGE(s) (each Layout & Page has its own "tab" code). You can arrange the tabs in any order you want :)