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Category override setting: Items Per Page


Staff member
As per title, there is now a Items Per Page setting in the Category Management (Category Options Tab) that will allow you to set the amount of items per page for a specific category. This comes in VERY handy as different layouts require different amounts of items per page...

NOTE: You DO NOT need to override the default layout to use the Items Per Page setting. It is set to 0 (Zero) by default and IF you set it to anything, it will over ride the Global Category setting for Items Per Page regardless if you are overriding the global layout.


This was a MUCH needed option due to the nature of having multiple layout styles available for each category. This way you can set 9 items per page for a category that uses the GRID view layout, 20 for a Category that uses the List View layout and 5 for a Category that uses the Article View layout (just example numbers).

This option will be available in SC 2.3.0 Beta 3 (or RC 1 if there is not a beta 3 release).
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