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Category Images


AMS Premium
SC Premium
UBS Premium
Any idea why when I use this image for a category image


It displays fine -- but when I use this image


it only gives me an X?
Did you upload that image to all your styles?

/styles/default/nflj/ams/category_images only works for the DEFAULT STYLE.

When you have 3rd party styles, you have to basically duplicate all the stuff that is in the default style.

I'm a long way from XF2. A very long way.
ya, most of us are in that same boat. Whats worse for me and MY members is that they will have to wait even longer because I will be spending 100% of my available time working on Public Addons vs my own custom stuff. They are the ones suffering and I only do this stuff because of running my own site and needing certain things like Pickem, Survivor, Sportsbook, Power Rankings, Player Rating System etc.. its really messed up!