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Implemented Categories display sub category items



I'd like to see some tweaks to the way categories and sub categories work. Right now, if you have a Category like "Cars" and then sub-cats like "Ford" and "Chevy", you can only see the items in Ford And Chevy if you are in that particular sub-category. The way I would think it would work is that if you go to Cars, you can see all items in that category and in the sub-categories as well. Instead, you just get a blank page or whatever might have been assigned just to that category, which I think if you're using sub-cats, why would anything? Without that functionality I don't really see the point in having cats and sub cats.

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Hi guys,

When I have a Category in the root, and then add Child Categories to this initial Category.
I then populate the Child Categories but have no plans on placing items on the Main Category, could the items of the Child Categories be listed for the Main Category!

Hope that makes sense, is it possible? thanks
Nested Categories are just in its infancy. I have an entire list of associated functionality that still needs to be implemented as far as "categories" is concerned. Some of this goes hand in hand with Category Permissions, so its not something that I can just slap together over night.
Perhaps an interim solution could be to not create a link if there are no items in the category. That way if all of your stuff is in sub cats, at least no one will go click on the main cat and just get an empty page.
Fill them with Custom Content. I myself have Cats & Sub Cats that I have custom content on (Your suggestion), so its not just completely empty. There are people that use it that way(thanks to you). I can't take that away from them.
The next Phase of Nested Categories is almost ready for beta testing (you will be contacted, so please don't ask). It now works as Nested Categories should... ie, an item in a category will also display in all categories above it as well (from Leaf to Root Node). In the example tree below, if you created an item in the Mustang Category, it will display in Mustang, Ford and Vehicles. The number count (item count per category) will also reflect Nested meaning that a categories total item count includes all nested categories ie, the Ford (3) includes the (2) in Mustang (meaning that there is 1 in the Ford Category). This is how the Resource Manager does it (which is the correct way to do Nested Cats).

Vehicles (50)
-- Chevy (25)
---- Camero (10)
---- Vette (5)
-- Ford (3)
---- Mustang (2)
Aquariums (10)
-- Fresh Water (5)
-- Marine (5)
btw, this opens up the ability to do Widgets, Blocks and Modules by Category IDs (1 or more) instead of ALL Categories.
This request has been fully implemented and will be available with the next version of showcase.
ya, I've decided to make this 1.1.0 Beta 1 because of the amount of new functionality.
btw, I should mention that the Category Listing in the Sidebar Module now works similar to how the RM works. It lists all TOP Level Categories and then fully expands a single branch instead of listing the full tree at once.

For example the home page would look like this:

Cat 1
Cat 2
Cat 3

Then when you select Cat 1, Cat 1 is fully expanded and will look like this:

Cat 1
-- Sub Cat 1
---- Sub Sub Cat 1
---- Sub Sub Cat 2
------ Sub Sub Sub Cat 1
-- Sub Cat 2
-- Sub Cat 3
Cat 2
Cat 3

I am NOT going to expand each level within a cat. A Cat in the Nav is either fully expanded or closed.