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Cannot View Showcase Items


I create a new showcase and save it and it shows up in moderation and it gets approved. However it does not show up in the showcase when using the menu item to go into the showcase or the forum area created at the top of my forum

Forum Area Link - http://www.triumphtalk.com/showcase/

It does post the thread in the forum that I have allocated for it and when clicking on the thread the item can then be viewed ok.

Forum Area Thread Link - http://www.triumphtalk.com/forums/showcase-feed.287/
Item - 1971 Triumph By Analog

If an admin account is needed please let me know

I have just noticed that in the side block moderated items all the items are still showing as moderated?

Moderated Items
1971 Triumph By Analog
21 minutes ago, Custom Motorcycles
1971 Triumph By Analog
32 minutes ago, Custom Motorcycles
Norton Cafe Racer
Today at 8:03 AM, Custom Motorcycles
When an Item is in moderation, there are TWO entries (one for the Item itself and one for the associated discussion thread). You don't have the permissions set up correctly for the ITEM to display in the Moderation CP. What you are doing is only approving the thread. To view Items in the Moderator CP, you need to have full Showcase Moderator Permissions.