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Implemented Block Title


Suggestion: Not sure whether it's feasible but I was wondering whether it would be beneficial to include a title of some kind to the top sidebar block on .nflj_showcase_item page. Screenshot explains it. :)

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Yuppers... I'll make the title a phrase. This will be in the next release.

You're a star Bobster and thanks again for such a wondering product. Simply amazing haven't been away from styling it and it's turning out quite good.

Infact might even have another suggstion for you, or if you don't mind I could PC you the link to a test site on the suggestion so you can see it first hand.
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Certainly let me know if you run into any CSS or Layout stuff that can be done better or more efficient or more core XF classes etc.. I try my best at CSS/Layouts, but it is by far my weakest link lol

anything and everything is more than welcome :)
btw, the phrase for this is: nflj_showcase_item_sidebar_image_header