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Implemented [bd] WF Renderer: Showcase: Items Sidebar


Staff member
As per title, there is a NEW [bd] Widget Framework Renderer named "Showcase: Items Sidebar". This is a multipurpose Renderer that replaces several existing Showcase specific renderers. This new renderer allows you to create single block widgets, stacked block widgets or Tabbed Block widgets (instead of having several renderers that do one specific thing).

Here is a screen shot of the options on the new Renderer.

Available Item Types: Allows you to select a single item type for creating a single block widget or multiple types for creating Stacked or Tabbed widgets.

Enable Tabbed Items Layout: This option allows you to choose between a Tabbed Layout or a Stacked Layout when choosing multiple Item types. NOTE: Leave this UNCHECKED when using a single item type.

The rest of the options are self explanatory.



The following Showcase specific [bd] WF Renderers are depreciated and will be REMOVED in SC 2.7.0:

Showcase: Featured Items
Showcase: Most Liked Items
Showcase: Most Reviewed Items
Showcase: Most Popular Items
Showcase: Most Recent Items
Showcase: Top Rated Items
Showcase: Tabbed Items

NOTE: You'll need to start replacing existing widgets that have been created by any of these renderers with the new widgets created with the new renderer.
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