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[bd] Banking and how its works with Sportbook


New Member
I just found [bd] Banking and have added it to Sportsbook

On the user panel, it has "Funded" (changed the phrase) plus Money.

Using Sportbook, I had to reset (zero out) all accounts and then I added funds to those few that are now betting

I have it set so users get funds for posts, new threads etc, so does that go into the users "funded" section?

So when I manually add funds via Sportbook, it goes into the "Money" section

Is there a way I can combine both, or simply use the "Money" section, as its a bit confusing

FYI, On request, I will be doing manual exchanges for what funds they have in their accounts.
So for the image below, I would give this user 251
How do I zero out both, once the exchange has been done
(I am converting funds to a Crypto, not cash)

The last time I checked, there are TWO ways to use [bd] Bank with Sportsbook.

The first and most popular way is to set the Sportsbook Cash/Points system to 'Use Other Cash/Points Field" and entry the name of the [bd] Bank cash field (which you obtain that information from that addon). When you choose this option, Sportsbook uses that cash field for everything. NOTE: None of the sportsbook "Cash Management" functions work with this option however (Cash Management Tools are for internal sportsbook cash only).

The second way is built directly into [bd] Bank (at least it WAS built in) so that you can tell [bd] Bank to use the Sportsbook Cash system (or set the Cash Field that you want to use which you can set to 'sportsbook_cash' without the ' marks). When you choose that option, that is ALL you need to do. You DO NOT make any changes to Sportsbook Cash system. Doing it this way allows you to use the built in sportsbook cash management tools as well as all the [bd] Bank tools.
Its been A LONG time since I even looked at [bd] Bank, so it might have changed. The last time I used it, you could set it to use another cash field, which is perfect with sportsbook, cause you can just set the cash field to 'sportsbook_cash' and be done. Sportsbook would just continue using its own cash field and all the points earned from the bank settings would be deposited into the sportsbook_cash field... In other words, both addons would be using the SAME cash field (which is what you want)
Cash to Poor amount is a Sportsbook cash function. There is only ONE setting (an amount). It puts that amount in the 'sportsbook_cash' field when users have 0 (ZERO) in the 'sportsbook_cash' field. There is a CRON that runs once a day that does this. This is a built in Sportsbook Cash only feature.

There is no "FUNDED" function in Sportsbook, so that must be a [bd] Bank function that I know nothing about (and if so, [bd] Bank settings would control it). I can't answer questions about [bd] Bank as I don't use it and have not even looked at it in several years. You'd need to ask the developer (xfrocks) for more detailed information about his addon and how he developed it to work with other addons and if he has built in sportsbook functions.

From my experience and reading what others have said, its just a matter of deciding which CASH field to use and understanding that if you don't use the Sportsbook Cash field, you CAN NOT use any of the Sportsbook Cash Management Tools as those are only for the Sportsbook Cash Field.
Cash to poor does go into the funded field.. I simply changed the phrase...
I changed the currency symbol to ZZZ Posted at least 10 Times?
I thought this was part of Sportbook?


I am so sorry I took up your time... I will find out where that "funded" comes from and ask the appropriate dev :oops:
I am not so smart at these things... I do apologize
Cash to poor does go into the funded field.. I simply changed the phrase...
I changed the currency symbol to ZZZ Posted at least 10 Times?
I thought this was part of Sportbook?

No. Sporstbook DOES NOT have any functionality to put "sportsbook cash" on the post bit. I have a HOW TO posted here in the support forum that explain how to manually add it to the post bit, however, that has absolutely nothing to do with "Cash to the Poor". Cash to the poor is an ADMINISTRATIVE function of Sportsbook. There is NO FRONTEND display of "Cash to the Poor" at all. They ONLY thing on the frontend is that a user will get an ALERT when they receive funds.

As for the FUNDED on your post bit, I have no idea where that is coming from. Never seen it anywhere and nobody in 5+ years has ever once mentioned it. if you disable [bd] Bank, does the "funded" disappear? If so, then it is something that [bd] Bank is controlling.
Sorry to be a pain in the butt

I installed [bd] banking and setup sportbook to use it.

When I do a wager, it says I only have 8 dollars...


But my sportbook says I have 141 dollars


and these are my settings


It looks like sportbook uses the funded section (Which i changed the phrase and have no idea what the original phrase was)
But, I can still add funds which go into the "money" section....
I have bd banking reward users for posts etc... which they can then use for betting....
Perhaps this is not the correct way of doing things?
From the screen shots, you are NOT configuring EITHER addon correctly.

Sportsbook is NOT configured to use [bd] Bank cash AT ALL. Your screen shot shows 'sportsbook_cash' in the text box for "User Other Cash/Points Field". that FIELD is the field that comes with Sportsbook. You need to set that field to the field that comes with [bd] Bank.

You have TWO options with [bd] Bank.

OPTION #1. Configure Sportsbook to use the [bd] Bank Cash System. To do this, you set the Sportsbook Cash/Points System to "Use Other Cash/Points Field" and enter the name of the [bd] Bank cash field that is in the xf_user table. That is ALL you have to do from the Sporstbook side of things. Everything is is handled with [bd] Bank Options.

OPTION #2. Configure [bd] Bank to use the 'sportsbook_cash' field. This is done via [bd] Bank options settings. xfrocks has information on his web site on how to do this. From the Sportsbook side of things, you LEAVE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS AS IS ie Cash Points system needs to be set to "Use Sportsbook Cash". THAT is it.

If you are doing anything else, you are doing it WRONG.

Sportsbook just needs to be told which field in the xf_user table to fetch the cash/points amount. Right now, you are not setting that correctly.