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Showcase Basic set of questions

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by Sunka, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Sunka

    Sunka Member Showcase

    I can say that I decide to buy showcase, but before that some quick questions regarding post install setup.

    Is it possible:
    • every showcase category and subcategory have own forum category/node?
      So if I create showcase category A (with subforums A1 and A2) and B (with subforums B1 and B2) I could set discussion in already created categories/forums
    • every showcase category and subcategory have own set of permissions?
      Usergroup A can do something in showcase/forum category, but can not in another showcase/forum category
    • replace link in particular forums (connected with showcase) so when user click on button create new thread, it will open create item in particular showcase category/subcategory?
    • create showcase with already created thread (first post of that thread to showcase) with posibillity to edit that showcase manually too after creating
    • will user see automatically creted thread from showcase in "new posts" list?
    • could we set somehow that first post in automatically created thread looks like main showcase post (with images), so have we some control what will be posted in first posts from showcase tabs?

    All of this because I have some categories on my forum with many existed threads that I want to connect/import into new installed showcase.

    I have Category Gastronomy and Category Fishing spots with own subforums, and every subforum with own threads, so I want to keep same hierarchy of levels in showcase.
    For example:

    -- Category Gastronomy
    ------ Subforum cold food
    ---------- Subforum meat
    ------------ Thread pork meat

    And Showcase will be only first post, so disable comments and enable disscussion thread.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Yes, this is the same as the XFRM. Each Category has the ability to set a specific discussion forum in which to create an associated discussion thread. You can also force a prefix be selected and or force a specific prefix to the thread.

    Yes, this works exactly the same as the XFRM.

    When a XenForo Discussion Forum is associated with a Showcase Category, that Forum will have a "Create Showcase" button added to it. It will envoke and overlay that lists all the Showcase Categories that the viewing user has permission to create a Showcase Item in.

    Showcase has a function to CONVERT a Thread to a Showcase Item (CONVERT, not promote). Convert means that a Showcase Item will be created based on the Content of the Thread Record and the First Post of that thread (text and attachements). The Discussion thread will then be converted into an associated discussion thread (all content will remain in tact.... eg, no lost posts).

    The person that created the showcase item won't see it, because they are the ones that created it. When you create a new THREAD, it doesn't show up in the NEW POSTS, so neither will these. For OTHERS, they will see BOTH a New Showcase Item (in the New Showcase Items part of the XenForo Find New System) and they will see the new associated discussion thread in the New Posts part of the XenForo find new system.

    The HEADER part of an associated discussion thread displays the same header as the Showcase Item. A Showcase Item has the options of displaying several things in the header (All of which will also show on the discussion thread). This is similar to the XFRM, but way more content is capable of being displayed like fields, gallery etc).

    The Category System works almost exactly like the XenForo Resource manager does, cept showcase has WAY MORE per category options. The Hierarchy works exactly the same.
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