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Fixed Auto lock by wagers placed not working

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AMS Premium
Hi Bob, we discovered today the "Auto lock by wagers placed" feature doesn't seem to work for us.

Whatever limit we set, people are allowed to continue to bet on it.

Is that just us or has this been reported before?


v2.1.10 Patch 2

Sportsbook 2.1.4
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Could be a new bug. I'll move this to Bug Reports so that I can look into it the next time I do some work on Sportsbook.

Can you edit your post and include the XF version and Sportsbook version please?
I've marked this as Partially fixed as I resolved ONE of a couple issues. I am doing some redesign to make the process a bit more efficient, so once I get all of that done, I'll mark this as "Fixed".

Note: This will be fixed in Sportsbook 2.2.0, not the SB 2.1 branch (as SB 2.1 will be EOL as soon as I declare the SB 2.2 branch stable.
Update: All 3 auto locks are now working as intended, so I've marked this as FIXED in SB 2.2.0 RC 3 (or SB 2.2.0, which ever comes out first).
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