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Implemented Article Tools: Manage Ratings


Staff member
I've implemented a simple system that allows Moderators to view a paginated/sortable listing of ratings on a per article basis as well as the ability to Delete ratings (Hard Delete only).

This is a Permission driven MODERATOR function. As you can see in the image below, there is a new permissions listed under the AMS Moderator Permissions - Articles named "Manage ratings". This permission gives the viewing user the ability to view ratings on a given article as well as delete them. USE IT WISELY as this is HARD DELETE ONLY!


Here we have an article that has an average user rating, but no reviews.


If the viewing user has the Permission "Manage Ratings", they will see a link in the Articles Tools named "Manage Ratings".


This is the hidden "Manage Ratings" area (can only be accessed if the viewing user has permission).

This area is a paginated and sortable listing of all rate_review records for the given article that are RATINGS ONLY (reviews are managed via existing review functionality).

Sorting is by Date and Rating (both ASC and DESC).


As mentioned, moderators can now delete RATINGS. This feature is HARD DELETE ONLY! (not open for discussion).


Post delete will redirect you back to the Rating Management page.

NOTE: If there are no ratings, it will automatically redirect back to the Article Overview.

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