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Answered Article headline over featured image...


New Member
AMS Premium
Has anyone figured out any custom styling to move the article headline text over the featured image, like below:

AMS includes a Tile View Layout type that overlays text on a background image in the same fashion as your screenshot does.

You can get a pretty good idea on how to do it via examining the Tile View Layout (look at the 'tile_view_layout' macro in the xa_ams_article_list_macros template along with the xa_ams_tile_view_layout.less template).
Nice... anything I can do to convince you to throw that in a future update? I've seen a few comments from others here and on other forums that that would be a very welcomed improvement... :)
You can post a suggestion in the AMS suggestions forum, however, anything "design" related won't be considered until XF 3.0 versions of my addons.