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Implemented Article: Add article to series

Discussion in 'AMS Closed Suggestions' started by palhanow, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. palhanow

    palhanow Member AMS

    Hello Bob, one of my suggestions of today for AMS.

    I really enjoyed the option to add a page to a article (multi-page options), is much more easy to handle multi-pages articles in that format.

    In the same way, i would suggest the option (maybe via the sub menu of the article) to add directly to a existing Article Series.

    I hope you guys appreciate this.
    Bob likes this.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    As mentioned in this thread (Updated - Series: Several misc updates), Update #4: Article Owners can now add their Article to a Series directly from the Article itself instead of having to navigate to the series just to add an article to it.

    I've added a new feature to Articles that allow articles to be added to a series directly from the Article page itself.

    If the viewing user has permission to add the Article to a series in general, whether it be one of their own or a community series, and the article is not currently in a series already, the viewing user will see a new button [Add to series] as shown below.


    Clicking on the [Add to series] button will launch a form in an overlay as shown below.

    There are 3 different options to choose from.
    • The first one is based on the viewing user. This will fetch all series that are owned or managed by the viewing user.
    • The second one fetches all community series IF the viewing user has global permission to post articles in community series.
    • The 3rd one is mainly for staff, which allows them to set a Series that they don't own, but are allowed to add articles to because they are staff.

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