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Implemented Add on option to display article page cover image above article page


Staff member
SBJ said:
As per title, add an option (a per page option) that will allow you to display a page cover image above the article page content when viewing the page. This is similar to the same option for the Article Overview page itself.

This has been implemented. It works the same as the "Display cover image above article" option for the Article itself. Its ONLY PURPOSE is to display the designated cover image above the page IF there is a page cover image set (otherwise the option does nothing).

The option can be set on both the Add page and Edit page forms.


The option can also be set from the Set cover image form.


When enabled and if the page has a cover image, it displays above the page as shown below (same location as the Article Cover Image displays on the Article Overview page).


The only display variation is when viewing the FULL ARTICLE. Due to how the FULL ARTICLE is designed, the display of a page cover image has to be shown after the Page Title and byline (as shown below). This really isn't that big of a deal, just pointing it out.

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