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Implemented Add Item Updates (similar to Resource Updates)

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This has been implemented in SC 3.2.15 (Sponsored by 2 license holders that wish to remain anonymous).

This feature is for Item Owners/Contributors only (its an ITEM feature and requires ITEM permissions).

There is only 1 new permission as everything else is based off of existing ITEM permissions. This new permission is what allows Item Owners/Contributors to be able to Post Item Updates to their own items.


When an Item Owner (or any contributors for that item) have the above permission, the will see a new button "Post an update". This button is located on both the Overview page and the Updates page



When ADDING an update, the viewing user will be taken to a new page and will see the Add update form. At its most basic, there will be a Title and a Rich Text Editor. Depending on permissions, there will be an attach files (images only). If there are any Custom Update Fields, those will be on the form as well.


Editing of Updates is handled INLINE and as you can see, Moderators do have permission to edit Updates (based on the ability to edit Items).


This is a SYSTEM, so with that, I've implemented several Content Type Handlers (those that would be expected to be implemented for a System like this)

Alert Handler
ApprovalQueue Handler
Attachment Handler
Bookmark Handler
EditHistory Handler
InlineMod Handler
ModeratorLog Handler
NewsFeed Handler
Reaction Handler
Report Handler
SpamCleaner Handler
Warning Handler
*Updated the Item Stats Handler to include stats for Updates.

Updates are indexed for search

Updates have their own route, own controller, own entity, own finder, own repository, own notifiers, own services.

Those that are Watching an Item will receive notifications (alerts/emails) when new Updates are added to an Item.

That's it in a nut shell. Super easy to use and has so many use cases.
There are also a few new Showcase Options to control things like the number of updates per page and the max message length (same as for comments and reviews). There are located in the same area as the same controls for Comments and Reviews.

Also, the Item Gallery (when set to Own Tab), will include Update Images (this is automatic, no options to set). Update images will either be in its own block or mixed in with the item images (depending on your configuration settings).