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Implemented Add feedback count member statistics block

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
CAS: Feedback score is an available Sort type for Member statistics in CAS 2.3.0 Beta 1, so I am going to mark this as implemented. NOTE: This has been pushed into CAS 2.2.32 for those that don't want to wait for CAS 2.3.0.


This allows you to create member stats based on CAS Feedback score.


Note: If I do release another CAS 2.2.x version, I will add this into that as well as it only takes a few seconds to implement (simple 2 lines of code in 2 functions in the CAS Listener). This has been implemented in CAS 2.2.23

For those of you that don't mind PHP customizations, it's a skill level 0 edit.

File: src\Addons\XenAddons\CAS\Listener.php

Add lines 320 and line 330 as shown. That will make the sort type available to the XF Member Statistics function in the Admin CP.