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Implemented Add classes to sidebar widgets


Just added the sidebar for recent items for xenporta, and I really think the template for this could use a couple of classes, especially for the parent dl. Right now I am using a style="" in that template just to get a padding on the left side, but I'd much rather use extra or similar so I don't have to edit the template each time I update..
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I could probably toss some unused classes in those elements. I've pretty much left them RAW so people can do what ever they want to with them.
added 3 classes.. to the DL, DT and DD elements. These are such very basics layouts that are support to be driven off of core xenforo CSS (so that they work with custom styles). Anyway, you should be able to take care of pretty much everything with these 3 classes. I added them to ALL xenporta sidebar blocks.

Yeah, that kinda makes sense, but I think 99% of users would only do minor tweaks to the CSS, and not redoing the entire content. I think it would only make sense to apply a class to the parent dl, the rest use standard xF classes, which looks nice, at least in the style I am using and the default style. Judging from the classes they use, it should work in most styles. It would just be nice to have a unique parent class, so you can use that for detailed styling.
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Personally, I'd make my own layouts :D I just threw those together quickly as default layouts to at least have "something". Figured most people would want to make their own unique blocks. That for me was one of the fun things I liked to do with vbadvanced :)
It's not that I am not able to do it, I am just too lazy to do it :D Also, what I am trying to achieve can mostly be done by tweaking the CSS, or more often I try to reuse xF classes (again, lazy).

Also the way templates works in xF, the less you have to edit them, the better, cause I really hate reverting highly customized templates. That being said, I just worked on the profile tab and I only had to add one class and two (or maybe three) CSS rules to make it a more "unified" look :D