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About the red number in the Sportsbook menu

Discussion in 'Sportsbook Support' started by imthebest, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. imthebest

    imthebest Member Showcase Sportsbook


    It appears that it displays events "as new" even when those are already settled. In fact, as soon as an event goes pending/awaiting settlement I think that you should stop counting it in the red number.

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The Find New Events - Status Types lets you set which types of events will be fetched for things like clicking on the "New Events" Links in the Navigation OR the "New Sportsbook Events" Tab of the XenForo Find New system (also used for fetching unread event counts). This system is instantaneous.. eg, when you change an event from OPEN to CLOSED and the Find New is set as shown below, then that even will no longer be fetched (as results are fetched in real time). The FIND NEW system does not control the Unread Event Count indicator on a Navigation Tab. That is its OWN system.


    Unread Event Count Indicator: Logged in users have what are called "Sessions" which cache things like unread/unviewed IDs. Things like the Counts indicator on Tabs is not something that is constantly being fetched, but can be updated. Sportsbook has a setting that allows you to set how often you want to force a cache rebuild for the Unread Events count. If you have a busy site, you should not lower this much past 5 minutes (default setting). If your site isn't busy, then you could get away with lowering it (1 minute is the lowest it will go, but I don't recommend that).

  3. imthebest

    imthebest Member Showcase Sportsbook

    Thank you very much for your clear explanation.

    What I was asking was basically the ability to choose the status types for the "Unviewed Events count on Nav Tab" (similar to what you currently have for Find New Events).

    For example, let's say that I installed Sportsbook on Jan 1 and created 10 events that are scheduled to start (all of them) on Jan 2. So let's say that it is now Jan 2 and then I settle all those events. Now suppose a member logins on Jan 10, he is going to see "10" in the red count... that's technically correct because those 10 are indeed "new" for him, but in practice it doesn't make sense to show him "10" in the red count because all those events are already settled.
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    It ALREADY DOES! I clearly explained that above. The Find New Events - Status Types is used for multiple functions.
    When a user LOGS IN, a NEW SESSION STARTS, when that SESSION starts, it will fetch all the UNREAD ID's of events based on the TYPE SETTING that I posted above. If that setting is set to OPEN (which means OPEN events only), then its ONLY going to fetch OPEN EVENTS that the viewing user has not READ. Those Open Events are then COUNTED and that count is used by the Tabs Listener to display the "Unread Count" on the tab.

    Session cache is updated every FIVE minutes by default by Sportsbook (you can increase or decrease this).

    If an Event Status CHANGES during a SESSION, the COUNT won't change until the SESSION CACHE is updated (which I have explained that it is updated every 5 minutes by default).

    The ONLY WAY that SETTLED events would EVER be counted is if you had the option to include them set. If you only want OPEN events, then change the setting. After changing the setting, you will need to wait for SESSION Cache to be updated in order for it to take effect.
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