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Awaiting Clarification A game played on our forum: Margin Mania


It would be great to get this game added to the system.

It's like Survivor, where players pick one team per week.

But with Margin Mania they get a running score:

* If your team wins, you get positive points equal to the score difference (the margin) added to your running total.
* If your team loses, the margin is deducted from your running total.

Highest score at the end of the season wins.
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So there is NO elimination involved like there is with survivor?

What about players that do not make a pick for that week?
The mod at the moment uses random.org to randomly pick a valid team, and anyone who doesn't make a pick gets that team.

There is also a Joker system. You get three jokers, and can use them any week.

Whatever score that team gets for you - positive or negative - is doubled.

What I see with this game is that the top 50% of players are in the mix even up until the end. A badly played Joker can drop or increase your score by a large margin.

This is the 2021 thread:

Bay 13 Margin Mania 2021
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