showcase 3.1.7

  1. Bob

    Implemented Option: Display signatures on comments

    As per title, I've added a new option that allows you to enable or disable signatures on comments. Currently, displaying signatures is forced (same as on posts), now you have the option as an admin to disable them from being displayed instead of having to do a template edit. Note: Default is...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Enable/Disable POI's on Category Maps

    I've added a new global option that allows you to enable (enabled by default) or disable showing Points Of Interest (POI) on Category Maps. Example of a Category Map that includes POI's (Points of Interest). POI's are included by default on JS Google Maps. And here is the same map with...
  3. Bob

    Updated Display star icons for ratings in map marker info windows

    I've updated the Map info windows in Showcase 3.1.7 to enhance the display of the Author rating and User Reviews ratings (star rating icons instead of text).
  4. Bob

    Implemented Layout Types: Tile View and updated Grid View (based on News View II)

    As per title , I've added a new layout type "Tile view" and updated the "Grid view" layout type in Showcase 3.1.7 The new layout type called "Tile view", is roughly based on the legacy "Tile View" layout type from SC 2.x. The existing Grid view layout type has been replaced with a new...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Item Fields and Review Fields: Editable by user groups

    This has been re implemented in Showcase 3.1.7 for both Item Fields and Review Fields. The General options section of the Item Field and Review Field add and edit forms have a new option named "Editable by user groups" (the screen shot is of the Item Field edit, but looks the same for the...
  6. Bob

    Implemented Item Fields: Display field on list

    This is a re-implementation of a Showcase 2.x feature that allows you to display custom fields on List View layout, Grid View layout and Item View layout. List View... Grid View... Item View...
  7. Bob

    Updated Enable/Disable editor for Section 1

    Back by popular demand... As per title, you can now (again) disable the editor for Section 1, just like you could disable the editor for Tab 1 in the later XF1 versions of Showcase. This option allows you to have Section 1 with Custom Item Field inputs only. Note: Attachments are still...
  8. Bob

    Implemented Item Tools: Manage Ratings

    Not sure how I missed implementing this for Showcase back in May when I implemented it for AMS and UBS, but recently noticed that it hadn't been implemented yet, so better late than never... This is a re-implementation of this (xf1 version): Implemented - Item Tools: Manage Ratings This item...