showcase 2.8.1

  1. Bob

    Updated Convert Showcase Item to Thread: add option to convert comments to posts

    This has been implemented, however, this only converts comments (and any Attachments and Likes on those comments). Comment Replies will be lost when the Showcase Item is deleted. If you need a more complex system, I'd have an importer developed that you can import Showcase content into Threads...
  2. Bob

    Updated Convert Thread to Showcase Item: add option to convert Posts to Comments

    As per title, the Convert Thread to Showcase Item feature now includes an option to convert Posts to Comments. There are a two things that you need to know about to understand how this option works. The Category that the Showcase Item is being created in MUST allow comments in order for Posts...
  3. Bob

    Updated RateReview schema updated to include username column

    I've updated the xf_nflj_showcase_rate_review table by adding a new column to store 'username' data. This deviates from the XFRM schema (it does not have a username column in the xf_resource_rating table, it relies on joins with the xf_user table). XFMG however, does store the username in its...
  4. Ludachris

    Implemented Please implement autolinkBBcode in Comment Replies

    I know I've posted a few replies to comments myself where I was answering questions and needed to post a link to a thread within the site, or an external link to information posted on another site. EDIT: I've modified the title to reflect the actual functionality that you are wanting.